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  • Being an online prophet.

    14th Oct 2019 by

    “Learn the lesson that, if you are to do the work of a prophet, what you need is not a sceptre but a hoe.” — Bernard of Clairvaux What follows was written a good few years ago, but as my first post of this new blog, I hope it gives some idea as to why… Read more

  • The next step for four village churches

    18th Jul 2021 by

    A few key principles have guided me in deciding what to do between 19th July and the new school year in September. One person’s Freedom Day is another’s Fear Day. 3.8 million people in this country remain clinically extremely vulnerable.  As communities of hope, our churches must ensure that our approach is inclusive. The Church… Read more

  • HYWTP 6: True or False

    18th Jul 2021 by

    This week, Rev’d Nick Morgan’s ponderings start with sham plants and artificial turf and meander via a stepladder to embrace what faith is about and why it matters.

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