Have you Warmed the Pot?

Cup of tea vicar? Well, only if you’ve warmed the pot. An occasional podcast in which Reverend Nick Morgan ponders random things from a faith perspective.

Episode 1 – We plough the fields and scatter

2 thoughts on “Have you Warmed the Pot?”

  1. I enjoyed your chat and what you mentioned about the farmers, re the fields and church. It reminded me of a time when my daughter was with YWAM out in Dominican Republic. She managed to make contact home one Sunday and I asked if she had been to church. She replied ‘Yes.” I asked ‘ where was the church? She replied ‘under some trees’. It’s great to know that we can worship God anywhere. anytime.


    1. Thank you Sylvia, and glad you enjoyed my farming-inspired ponderings. I bumped into some YWAM people halfway up a mountain in Romania once and they had a guitar with them. They’d been worshipping in the trees there, too!


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